Talis Updates

Talis Updates

   Brent Everett talks Brexit and TIPS in FinancialPlanning.com articles

Brent Everett is featured in Days 16 and 17 of FinancialPlanning.com's '30 Days: Evaluating fixed income opportunities when rates are rising.' Read the articles below:

Day 16: Brent Everett discusses Brexit's effect — or lack of — on using international bonds in the article, 'Brexit, shmexit: Why advisors still have an appetite for British fixed income.'

Day 17: Do TIPS still work when interest rates are rising? Read what Brent Everett and others say in 'Why TIPS are an oldie-but-goodie play on inflation.'




'25 Creative Financial Advisor Marketing Ideas & Strategies'

Gina Aldaz and other industry professionals discuss ways to engage clients.



Brent Everett serves as an expert source in Financial-Planning.com article

As the Securities and Exchange Commission continues to emphasize cybersecurity measures, advisors are having to feel their way when preparing for an audit. Brent Everett, Talis Advisors founder and partner, discusses internal cybersecurity audits and the current challenges in navigating this relatively new space in the Financial-Planning.com article "Why choosing a cybersecurity auditor may be tougher than you think."



'Talis Advisors, the firm that never stops thinking'

Talis Advisors' colleague Christopher Holtby from Wealth Advisors Trust Company shares with his readers the benefits of working with Talis.



Talis Partner Brent Everett weighs in on "Is Bitcoin Bashing Credible?"


Talis Advisors Founder and Partner, Brent Everett, discusses the current trend in investing in bitcoin in the November 13 edition of Financial Planning.



Talis Partners Listed in WSJ's Wealth Management Journal Report

Pick up a copy of today's Wall Street Journal and see Brent Everett and Bob Lamse listed as a 2017 Five Star Wealth Manager in the Wealth Management Journal Report. Five Star Professional partnered with Texas Monthly and the Wall Street Journal to recognize a select group of Dallas/Fort Worth region wealth managers "who have proven outstanding in their field, evaluating candidates on ten criteria associated with outstanding service. Each of our award winners has shown a commitment to clients, strong industry credentials and has been evaluated on the quality of his or her practice." Brent Everett and Bob Lamse have met these criteria and been honored with the 2017 Five Star Wealth Manager award. 


Brent Everett Discusses Rebalancing
on Financial-Planning.com

During the month of September, Financial-Planning.com is dedicating a portion of their coverage to a series on building diversified portfolios. Talis Advisors Founder and Partner, Brent Everett, discusses rebalancing in the Sept. 7 segment:

Brent Everett has spotted a pattern.

“Clients often resist the rebalancing decision when a certain asset class shows a lot of upward momentum,” said Everett, founder, chief investment officer, and partner at Talis Advisors in Plano, Texas. “In fact, it’s not uncommon for them to want to add to that asset class, which can push the overall risk of the portfolio well outside of their risk tolerance.”

How does Everett cope with such a reaction?

“We explain that rebalancing is simply a systematic way of buying low and selling high, exactly what we all know makes sense,” he said.

Talis Advisors also defines the purpose of rebalancing: “To limit risk, not to add to return,” Everett said.

Continue reading here: https://www.financial-planning.com/news/rebalancing-how-to-counter-client-resistance.



Brent Everett Discusses Hedging
on Financial-Planning.com

During the month of September, Financial-Planning.com is dedicating a portion of their coverage to a series on building diversified portfolios. Talis Advisors Founder and Partner, Brent Everett, discusses hedging with reporter Miriam Rozen in the Sept. 6 segment.  

“Our investment strategy is more strategic than tactical. Hedging what one may view as an overvalued asset class is essentially a market timing decision, and we know how well that has proven to work over time: not very,” Everett said.

He also noted hedging’s limitation.

“There is a cost associated with hedging that, over time, impacts performance,” Everett said.

Read the entire article here: https://www.financial-planning.com/news/why-it-helps-to-think-of-hedging-like-insurance.



Talis Advisors Partners Awarded for 8th Year




Talis partners, Bob Lamse and Brent Everett, were awarded the 2017 Texas Monthly 5-Star Wealth Manager. This award is decided by Five Star Professional partnered with Texas Monthly, Dallas/Fort Worth region, to find wealth managers who satisfy 10 objective eligibility and evaluation criteria that were associated with wealth managers who provide quality services to their clients. Award candidates were identified by one of three sources: firm nomination, peer nomination, or pre-qualification. Five Star Professional relied on internal and external research data, including a survey of registered financial services professionals and identified financial service companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that are registered with FINRA or the SEC. Survey recipients were asked to nominate wealth managers they felt were worthy of consideration for the Five Star Wealth Manager award. Each wealth manager was reviewed for disciplinary actions, customer complaints and regulatory actions as reported by regulatory agencies.

See all of Talis Advisors awards here: http://www.talisadvisors.com/our-awards.



Gina Petrelli Aldaz on Hiring New Advisors

Gina Petrelli Aldaz discusses considerations when hiring new advisors: OnWallStreet,"So, you think you are hiring a rainmaker?" https://www.onwallstreet.com/news/so-you-think-you-are-hiring-a-rainmaker




Gina Aldaz and Stephen Hart Discuss Advisory Boards in Investment News




'Is your financial planner the Wizard of Oz?'

Director of Financial Planning Stephen T. Hart's article 'Is your financial planner the Wizard of Oz?' appears in national publications.



Gina Aldaz comments in 'Listen up! Improve marketing strategies by lending an ear to clients'

On Wall Street



Having 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' for a Good Cause

Talis's Gina Aldaz along with event hostess, Carla Calabrese, Dallas realtor, Lynne Lowder, attorney, Dawn Budner, and sales and below marketing director of Waterside Properties, Jacq Nichols, spent the evening at the Breakfast at Tiffany's Gala, which raised awareness for Hope International, a non-profit international adoption and humanitarian aid agency. The event held at 3015 at Trinity Groves had a silent and live auction as well as presentations from children who were adopted through the agency. Learn more about Hope International here: http://www.hopeadoption.org/bios/hope-international-adoption-agency.html.




Dimensional Fund Advisors featured in the Wall Street Journal

WSJ discusses the strategy behind Dimensional Fund Advisors' success: "Making Billions With One Belief: The Markets Can’t Be Beat:" http://www.wsj.com/articles/making-billions-with-one-belief-the-markets-..., "Straight Talk from the Brainiacs at DFA:" http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2016/10/20/straight-talk-from-the-brainia....



Talis' Gina Aldaz and family are featured in October's Dallas Child



Talis' Paxton Kelso on 'Why Mortgage Life Insurance Isn't Ideal for Most People.'

Congratulations to Paxton Kelso on his published article, 'Why Mortgage Life Insurance Isn't Ideal for Most People.' Kelso's article has been featured in several national publications and you can read it here: https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/insurance/mortgage-life-insurance-may-na....



Talis' Hart Discusses Evaluating A Financial Advisor


Congratulations to Stephen T. Hart on another published article. His piece on Evaluating a Financial Advisor is featured in seven publications across the nation. You can read it here:



Dimensional Wins a 2016 Lipper Award in 3 Categories


Dimensional Fund Advisors was recently honored in Lipper’s annual awards for mutual fund performance.  DFA’s Global Equity Portfolio (DGEIX) won for its performance over a 10-year period in the Global Multi-Cap Core category.  They were also recognized in the Intermediate US Government category for the Intermediate Government Fixed Income Portfolio’s (DFIGX) performance over a 10-year period. In addition, the firm won the European Region category with their UK Small Company Portfolio, which was recognized for its performance over a 5-year period. This makes DFA one of the few fund companies to win awards for US equity, international equity and fixed income.



AQR Wins a 2016 Lipper Award for Its Multi-Strategy Alternative Fund

The AQR Multi-Strategy Alternative Fund won a 2016 Lipper Fund Award in the Alternative Multi-Strategy Fund category beating out 28 other funds. The award is based on the fund’s risk-adjusted performance over the three years ending December 31, 2015.

Lipper's annual fund awards recognize funds and fund management firms for consistently strong, risk-adjusted performance relative to their peers. AQR’s Multi-Strategy Alternative Fund, which was launched in July 2011, returned an annualized 6.99% net of fees over the previous three years. Talis Advisors first began using the fund for our clients in December 2011.  We have used it in the alternatives allocation for specific clients since then.

Fueled by demand in a low-yield environment, the liquid alternatives space has experienced massive growth.  Hundreds of liquid alternative funds have been launched in the past few years — more than 100 new funds were launched in 2014 and again in 2015.  Evaluating these funds is exceptionally difficult, since most have no track record.  Many have been launched by mutual fund companies with no hedge fund experience.  Others have been launched by hedge funds lacking the experience to determine if their strategies are a good fit for a product that requires daily liquidity.  Talis Advisors chose AQR’s multi-strategy approach based on the proven track record of the hedge fund strategies it employs, and AQR’s previous experience with mutual funds based on hedge fund risk factors.  In addition, AQR has demonstrated a culture of understanding compliance — it was one of the first hedge funds to voluntarily register with the SEC.

The fund pursues nine strategies: Long/Short Equity, Equity-Market Neutral, Dedicated Short Bias, Emerging Markets, Convertible Arbitrage, Event Driven, Global Macro, Managed Futures and Fixed-Income Relative Value. It does not invest directly in hedge funds.

AQR Managing Director Scott Metchick and vice presidents Sarah Jiang and Arthur Fischer-Zernin accepted the award on behalf of the firm at a ceremony in New York City. The ceremony followed the annual Lipper Alpha Forum, which brought together award-winning fund executives, wealth managers and advisors to discuss market trends, investment issues and new opportunities that affect the industry. AQR Vice President Mark Carver participated in a panel discussion, “Who’s Winning the Active, Passive, Smart Beta Debate?” at the Forum.



Talis' Stephen Hart shares his thoughts on refinancing to pay for college in NerdWallet Q&A



Talis' Gina Aldaz Serves As Source in Financial Planning magazine



Talis' Bob Lamse In "How A Smart Comp Plan Can Boost Firm Growth"



Talis Advisors' Partner AQR Featured in Barron's

Talis Advisors works closely with AQR, a leading global investment management firm. They are featured in the week of Feb. 29 edition of Barron's. The article takes a look at the firm and its leadership and additionally discusses their use of alternative investments. AQR was founded in 1998 and launched its first mutual funds in 2009. The firm has offices Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, London and Sydney and manages $135B (as of September 2015) on behalf of its clients, including pension funds, insurance companies, foundations and sovereign wealth funds. AQR provides access to its lower cost institutional share class funds for Talis clients without the $5M minimum investment required for individuals. AQR was one of the first hedge fund managers to voluntarily register at its inception with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Important information about your Form 1099

Form 1099 is sent to you by the custodian holding your account(s) to report specific types of income that may need to be included on your tax return.  This year, Form 1099 was due to be delivered by February 16, 2016.  You should have received it either electronically or by mail. 
This seems quite straightforward.  But, like most things tax-related, it’s never as simple as it should be.  We often encounter multiple rounds of amended/revised 1099 forms that are sent after the deadline.  This frequently happens when mutual fund companies are unable to sort through complex tax issues or may be waiting for information themselves – often the case with REIT funds, funds that invest in foreign securities and with alternatives.  Unfortunately, we can’t predict how many amendments you may receive. It may make sense to file at a date closer to the filing deadline to make sure that you don’t have to amend a tax return.  Always be sure to forward any amended/revised 1099 to your accountant or tax preparer.



2015 Review: Economy and Markets

The US economy and broad market showed modest gains during the year, although investor discipline was tested by news of a global economic slowdown, rising market volatility in China and emerging markets, falling oil and commodities prices, and higher US interest rates.

Click here to read the report that is complete with charts and an overview of the economy and market activity in the US and abroad for 2015.



Hart Quoted In National Publication

Talis Advisors' Stephen Hart comments in the Jan. 7 USA Today article "5 Lessons Toward Financial Independence." Read more about Stephen here: http://www.talisadvisors.com/team-member/stephen-t-hart-wealth-strategie....



Talis Advisor's Stephen Hart featured in Nationwide Publications

Stephen Hart's article "4 Ways to Finish 2015 in Strong Financial Shape" featured in NASDAQ, NewsOK in Oklahoma City and Christian Science Monitor:
NASDAQ: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/4-ways-to-finish-2015-in-strong-financial-...
NewsOK: http://newsok.com/4-ways-to-finish-2015-in-strong-financial-shape/articl...
Christian Science Monitor: http://www.csmonitor.com/Business/Saving-Money/2015/1210/Four-ways-to-fi...



It's RMD Time Again

We want to remind anyone who has an IRA about the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), if you have not taken it already. An RMD is a minimum withdrawal that a person with a retirement account generally must make when they reach age 70 ½.

Where this applies:

  • Traditional IRA accounts (including rollover IRAs, SEP IRAs, and SIMPLE IRAs)
  • Company sponsored retirement plans like 401(k)s and 403(b)s.
  • Inherited/beneficiary IRAs are also subject to RMDs for beneficiaries that chose to take distributions over their lifetime (a one-time election made after the death of the account owner).

RMD Calculators and Other Resources

Because calculation of an RMD is legally considered to be providing tax advice, we are prohibited by law from calculating the amount for you. However, it is not a difficult calculation and there are web-based RMD calculators available. Some clients are comfortable making the calculations themselves.


If you are not comfortable determining the amount of your RMD, there are additional options:

  • TD Ameritrade clients: You can call TD Ameritrade at 888-723-8504, and they will calculate your RMD for you.
  • Charles Schwab clients: You can call Schwab at 866-855-5636 for additional assistance or click here to visit their online RMD page.

If you do not currently have a CPA professional, Jeff Beckley of Beckley CPA PC will be able to assist you in calculating your distribution. You can contact Jeff by calling at 972-309-0002 or by emailing him at jbeckley@beckleycpa.com.

Deadline is approaching
We expect that the time period around the end of the year will be extremely busy. Please be sure to provide us with any RMD amounts no later than December 18 in order to be certain that we have time to make the appropriate trades in your accounts to create sufficient cash and process the distribution request.

While we believe that third party RMD calculators that we've recommended are accurate and updated, as with any third-party resource we cannot guarantee their accuracy.




Talis' Stephen Hart, CFP®, serves as expert source in article featured in four publications

In "What Social Security Changes Mean For Clients — And How Advisors Can Help," Stephen Hart, CFP®, discusses how advisors can help you plan for changes in Social Security.

You can read this article in one or all of the publications below:

Financial Planning: http://www.financial-planning.com/news/portfolio/what-social-security-ch...

NASDAQ: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/what-social-security-changes-mean-for-clie...

On Wall Street: http://www.onwallstreet.com/news/portfolio/what-social-security-changes-...

Bank Investment Consultant: http://www.bankinvestmentconsultant.com/news/portfolio/what-social-secur...




Talis Advisors' Stephen Hart Encourages An Early Start In Saving For Retirement

Talis' Wealth Strategies Analyst, Stephen Hart's message to today's young professionals? "Your biggest asset is time." Hart discusses the importance of saving early in your career in the Christian Science Monitor article, "New Grads Might Not Retire Until 75, New Study Finds." Read what Hart has to say here: http://www.csmonitor.com/Business/Saving-Money/2015/1021/New-grads-might-not-retire-until-75-new-study-finds.


Talis Advisors Makes D Magazine's 2015 List Of Top Wealth Managers

Talis Advisors has been named a 2015 D Magazine Top Wealth Manager. This is the fifth consecutive time the firm has received this recognition. You can see this year's list and the area's Best Financial Planners list in D Magazine's November issue.

New to the Best Financial Planners list is Talis' Director of Personal Finance, Paul Streiber. The firm has also been the recipient of CNBC's Top 100 Fee-Only Wealth Managers Award and firm members are multi-year recipients of Texas Monthly's Five Star Wealth Manager Award.

"I’m very proud, once again, to be named by D Magazine as one of the Top Wealth Managers in Dallas. It is a great honor and tribute to our firm. Most importantly, it is a reflection of the trust that our clients place in us," said Talis President Bob Lamse.

Talis Advisors has served the DFW community for more than a decade. Their well-rounded team consists of individuals with expertise in wealth management, financial planning and insurance. They are a fee-only RIA based in Plano, Texas and have an extensive partner list that includes Dimensional Fund Advisors, Applied Quantitative Research (AQR) and Goldman Sachs. View Talis' awards here: http://www.talisadvisors.com/our-awards.
See the list here: http://www.dmagazine.com/publications/d-magazine/2015/november/top-wealt....



Everett Used As Source For Financial Advisor IQ Article

   Brent Everett is interviewed for the Financial Advisor IQ article,
   "Dividend-Stock Investing: Gimmick or Neutralizer of Volatility?"

   Read the article here: https://financialadvisoriq.com/c/1213513/133653






Talis' Stephen Hart Lends Helping Hand In Honduras

On Tuesday, Talis’ Stephen Hart returned from a 5-day trip to Honduras, with Richardson-based The Heights Baptist Church. For the last few years, The Heights has partnered with Promise Home Orphanage in El Portillo, Honduras. Promise Home is unique in that it is being built to be self-sustaining (not reliant on government aid). The property has a number of businesses it runs to pay for the orphanage such as: tilapia ponds, elephant palms (that can be sold and turned into bio diesel), and mangosteen fruit trees. The orphanage is still under construction, but they are hopeful to begin bringing in orphans sometime in 2016.
Stephen, along with 11 others from The Heights, was able to spend time working on both the orphanage itself as well as the church that meets on the orphanage property. Sunday was spent helping the church with services for local children, teens and the main church service. These are photos from Stephen’s trip. For more information on Promise Home check out www.TheHeights.org/Honduras and http://promisehome.net/.

Stephen talks with one of the local kids in El Portillo, Eddie.

One of several homes for orphans being built.

Stephen helping bring down a concrete wall to make room for the expanding Promise Home church family.

Before and after of the wall that was torn down. The team also helped pour new concrete to level out the floor.



Talis CIO Everett Interviewed For Sept. Issue Of Financial Planning

Brent Everett, Chief Investment Advisor at Talis Advisors, was interviewed for the September issue of Financial Planning in an article titled, "Boom Time For Alt Training." Everett discusses his philosophy when it comes to the use of alternative investments. He explains that they can be a useful tool for controlling certain clients' more impulsive behavior, since they are designed to have little correlation to equities. To read Everett's comments, click here: http://tinyurl.com/olhf85f.



No Need To Sweat During The Extreme Heat

Talis Advisors takes precautions to assure an orderly shutdown in the case of a rolling blackout

During extremely hot weather in Texas, we must be concerned about the reliability of the power grid due to the very heavy demands created by the need for air conditioning in most living spaces. We monitor Operations Messages from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) so that we are aware of the potential for rolling blackouts that could impact our firm's operations and could require us to implement our Business Continuity Plan. All of our critical systems are protected with uninterruptible power supplies that will allow for an orderly shutdown in the case of a blackout. As summer progresses and the current heatwave continues, we expect this to become more of an issue. Should we need to implement our Business Continuity Plan, we will post a notice on our site - which, by design, is not connected to the Texas power grid.



Bob Lamse Source in Financial Times' Financial Advisor IQ

Bob Lamse discusses the importance of client relationships in "Don’t Just Meet With Clients, Entertain Them" - Connecting with clients outside the traditional office setting provides an opportunity to deepen your relationship and get to know a different side of your clients: Read the article here: http://tinyurl.com/oqt23rz.



Stephen Hart Featured on NerdWallet.com

Stephen Hart explains why you should "Ask How Your Financial Advisor Gets Paid:" http://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/finance/advisorvoices/how-does-your-financial-advisor-get-paid/.



Talis Makes CNBC Top 100

Talis Advisors makes CNBC's Top 100 Fee-Only Wealth Management Firms: http://www.cnbc.com/2015/06/03/cnbc-charts-the-top-100-firms.html.


Stephen Hart Featured in The Christian Science Monitor

Stephen Hart's "5 Steps to Build An Emergency Fund" appears in NASDAQ and Christian Science Monitor. Read it here: http://www.csmonitor.com/Business/Saving-Money/2015/0616/Five-steps-to-build-an-emergency-fund.



Bob Lamse and Brent Everett Source in Financial Planning


Talis Advisors' own Bob Lamse and Brent Everett serve as an expert source in Financial Planning: Independent, But Not Alone: Teaming Up Pays: http://tinyurl.com/oxzkt9q.



Talis Advisors Welcomes David Richards

Talis Advisors welcomes David Richards as Senior Advisor in Wealth Management. He holds the designation of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and has more than 27 years of experience in investment management, product development, marketing and education in the financial services industry.

David specializes in advising a range of clients including high net worth individuals, investment committees for endowments, foundations and pension plans, as well as working with companies to construct highly diversified, low-cost 401(k) retirement solutions for their employees. David works closely with clients to develop and coordinate the financial, investment, tax, and estate planning aspects of their lives.

To learn more about David and the Talis Team, click here: http://www.talisadvisors.com/our-team-0.



Bob Lamse Source in Financial Times' Financial Advisor IQ

'A Big Plus of Going Indie: Fee Flexibility:' Bob Lamse has never worked at a wirehouse. But the president of Talis Advisors, an RIA in Plano, Texas, with $200 million under management, corroborates that as advisor services get less and less cookie-cutter, fees must follow suit.

Read the article here: http://tinyurl.com/puz8gjq.



Talis Advisors Welcomes Paul Streiber

Talis Advisors welcomes Paul Streiber as our new Director of Personal Finance and Senior Advisor. Paul's depth of knowledge and years of experience help his financial planning and wealth management clients achieve their financial goals and objectives. Paul is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor℠.

He is also a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA). Paul offers perspective and clarification that helps educate clients about what may appear to be complicated or overwhelming financial decisions. He works closely with clients to develop strategies and find answers that produce meaningful and lasting results for each client’s unique circumstances and challenges. To learn more about the NAPFA). Paul offers perspective and clarification that helps educate clients about what may appear to be complicated or overwhelming financial decisions. He works closely with clients to develop strategies and find answers that produce meaningful and lasting results for each client’s unique circumstances and challenges. To learn more about the Talis Advisors team, click here: http://www.talisadvisors.com/our-team-0.



Attention TD Ameritrade Clients:
An Important Alert About Your Account Security

Dear Valued Client,

It has come to our attention that some clients may be receiving an Internet “phishing” attempt disguised as an email notification from TD Ameritrade.

This fake email may ask for personal information, such as your account number, password, or Social Security Number. TD Ameritrade will never ask for such information in an email.

The message may also say that your account or services will be disabled if you fail to respond.

We encourage you to be on the lookout for suspicious email. If you receive a suspicious email, please forward it to reportphish@tdameritrade.com and do not click any of the links in it.

If you have clicked one of these links, contact us or TD Ameritrade Institutional immediately.

To access your account, you should log in the way you normally would through the TD Ameritrade Institutional secure Advisor Client website. Please note that this situation is not due to any issues involving TD Ameritrade internal systems, which remain secure.

If you have any questions, please let us know, or contact TD Ameritrade Institutional at 800-431-3500.


The Talis Advisors Team




Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. and Glass Lewis Recommend “For” Votes on All Proposals in the Dimensional Funds’ Proxy C

Dimensional Fund Advisors LP (“Dimensional”) has announced that, in connection with the proxy solicitation of shareholders of its US mutual funds (“Dimensional Funds”), Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc. (“ISS”) and Glass Lewis, two leading proxy advisory firms, have recommended a vote “FOR” each proposal included in the proxy statement. The Dimensional Funds’ Boards of Directors/Trustees also recommend a vote “FOR” each proposal.

ISS and Glass Lewis are both independent of Dimensional and the Dimensional Funds. They specialize in providing corporate governance services for large institutions, including evaluating proxy ballot items and making voting recommendations.  Talis Advisory Services, LLC does not provide guidance or opinions on proxy voting or vote on behalf of its clients and this does not constitute a recommendation or an endorsement of the recommendations made by Dimensional or by third party advisors.

The Dimensional Funds have called a shareholder meeting for May 8 to vote on the following proposals:

•  Electing the members of the Funds’ Boards of Directors/Trustees.

•  Allowing Dimensional to appoint and replace Dimensional controlled subadvisors for certain Funds.

•  Approving investment subadvisory agreements between certain Dimensional fixed income Funds and Dimensional’s affiliates located in London and Sydney.

•  Approving an updated, uniform investment management agreement between Dimensional and the Funds.

•  Updating investment limitations for certain Funds regarding investments in commodities and industry concentration.




Form ADV - Important Disclosure Information

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) to update and file Form ADV annually.  If you did not receive a Form ADV from your advisor, it's likely that you are working with a commissioned salesperson and you should seek advice elsewhere. Click here to read more.



Talis in the News

Talis Partners Named Five Star Wealth Managers

Talis President, Bob Lamse and Chief Investment Officer, Brent Everett were recently named as Five Star Wealth Managers for 2015.  Both Bob and Brent are multi-year winners.  Click here to read more.

Talis Advisors' Chief Investment Officer Brent Everett serves as expert source

Talis Advisors' Chief Investment Officer Brent Everett serves as expert source in Financial Times' Financial Advisor IQ March 17 article, "U.K. Advisors Adapt to Life After Commissions." The article examines the outcome of the U.K’s advisory industry's Retail Distribution Review, which eliminated most commission-based compensation, imposed additional requirements for fee transparency and training, and forced advisors to take clients’ potential risks into account when making recommendations. Click here to read the article:  http://tinyurl.com/ntjs7ok.



It's RMD Time Again

We want to remind anyone who has an IRA about the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). An RMD is a minimum withdrawal that a person with a retirement account generally must make when they reach age 70 ½. This typically applies to traditional IRA accounts (including rollover IRAs, SEP IRAs, and SIMPLE IRAs) as well as company sponsored retirement plans like 401(k)s and 403(b)s. 

Inherited/beneficiary IRAs are also subject to RMDs for beneficiaries that chose to take distributions over their lifetime (a one-time election made after the death of the account owner). The RMD in this case is based on the life expectancy of the beneficiary. The RMD amount is calculated based on the value of the retirement account during the prior year divided by life expectancy (per the IRS table).

Because calculation of an RMD is legally considered to be providing tax advice, we cannot calculate the amount for you. We are specifically prohibited by law from doing so. However, it is not a difficult calculation. There are quite a few web-based RMD calculators available. Some clients are comfortable making the calculations themselves. Additional guidance can be found on the IRS website. Additionally, Schwab has two separate RMD calculators -- one is for traditional IRAs and one is for beneficiary IRAs.  If you are a TD Ameritrade client, you can call them at 888-723-8504, and press Option 2, and they will calculate your RMD for you. If you are not comfortable determining the amount of your RMD, we suggest that you contact your tax professional. If you need advice in this area and do not have an existing relationship with someone capable of performing the calculation on your behalf, we recommend using Dave Smith with Jones Square Financial Services. Dave is a CPA and holds a Masters in Taxation. His can be reached at 972-378-7362 or dave@jones-square.com .

We expect that the time period around the end of the year will be extremely busy. Please be sure to provide us with any RMD amounts no later than December 19 in order to be certain that we have time to make the appropriate trades in your accounts to create sufficient cash and process the distribution request.

While we believe that third party RMD calculators that we've recommended are accurate and updated, as with any third-party resource we cannot guarantee their accuracy.



It's Not A Hypothesis. It's Arithmetic. 

University of Chicago Booth Professor and Nobel-prize winning economist, Eugene Fama, talks about the evolution of modern finance.






Brent Everett Discusses Data Security in Financial Planning Magazine Article

Financial Planning "Data Backup: Critical Measures for Advisors"

Brent discusses the importance of data security and maintaining backups of the firm's critical files in an October 10, 2014 Financial Planning article by Miriam Rozen.



Vanguard Target Date Funds Added to 401(k) Investment Options

As of August 1, 2014 we've added Vanguard's target retirement date fund series to the investment options in the 401(k) plans that we advise.  To learn more about these funds and the "glide path" for reducing portfolio risk as you approach retirement age, view the video from Vanguard below.  If you have questions, contact your plan's advisor.



Important Email and Network Upgrades

We recognize that we have a responsibility to maintain the safety of confidential client information and we take this responsibility seriously.  We performed an assessment of the vulnerability of our network earlier this year.  As a result of that, we have completed a project to physically move network cabling and switching equipment to a more secure location in our building.  We have also added a third hardware firewall layer and have completely separated our wireless access point from our main network.

On August 15, 2014 we will be changing email, archiving and encryption suppliers.  This will allow us to integrate our email into our CRM system.  It will also provide more robust and reliable archiving services and enhanced encryption capabilities.  We have scheduled the change for late in the afternoon on Friday and expect to complete it by Monday morning.  During the time period in which our email is transitioning from one system to another, this form of communication may not be completely reliable.  If you have any concern about our receipt of an email, please call so that we can verify that we have received it.



2014 Summary of Material Changes to Talis Advisors Form ADV

Each year, we are required to publish and distribute a Summary of Material Changes to our Form ADV. We will be mailing this to all of our clients prior to the April 30, 2014 deadline, but we have also posted it here for anyone who wishes to review it. We strongly recommend that clients and prospective clients review our complete Form ADV, which is available at the SEC's Investment Advisor Public Disclosure website: www.adviserinfo.sec.gov.



February 23 - Statement Regarding Weather Event in North Texas Area

The North Texas area is experiencing a severe winter storm with associated road and driving hazards. Talis Advisors is operating under our Business Continuity Plan with some employees working from alternate locations. At this time, all of our services are operational and we do not anticipate any significant issues responding to client needs. We expect email to be the most reliable way to contact us, as employees working from alternate sites will only check voice mail periodically.



Brent Everett Featured in Plano Star Courier Article

Our Chief Investment Officer, Brent Everett, was recently featured in the Plano Star Courier's "Five on Three" profile of local businesses. Read the article here.



Important Announcement - Third-party Funds Transfers

The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has issued rules that implement provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act requiring our firm to take action to prevent identity theft and the associated risk of loss of assets. As a result, our firm will no longer allow funds transfers to third-party accounts. This policy goes into effect on November 20, 2013.

You will still be able to easily transfer your funds to like-titled accounts. If you need to transfer funds to a third-party account, please plan on an extra day being required in the process so that we can transfer funds to your bank account and you can effect a transfer from that account to the third-party account. If it’s more convenient, you may wish to establish check writing privileges on your account. We can assist with that.

We process very few transactions of this type and do not expect that this change will have a significant impact on our service level to the vast majority of our clients. With the incidence of fraudulent transactions increasing exponentially, we believe that this is a prudent response designed to protect our clients and comply with the new SEC rules. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your advisor to discuss them.



Portfolio Model Performance Updated Through September 30, 2013

We have updated the periodic returns for our model portfolios and their respective benchmarks through September 30, 2013.  To view the results, click here.



NABCAP Certified Premier Advisor

We are pleased to be included in D Magazine's list of Top Wealth Managers for 2013.  The objective analysis of advisory firms was conducted by the National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices (NABCAP) and the list represents the top 3.5% of firms in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

Read more: NABCAP Certified Premier Advisor



Talis Retirement Simulator

We are pleased to announce that we have just added the Talis Retirement Simulator to our website.  The simulator uses Monte Carlo Analysis to model retirement planning based on a range of outcomes. Because long-term financial planning rarely provides a definitive yes or no answer to the question of having sufficient savings to support a particular retirement lifestyle, the simulator describes results as the statistical probability of success. 

The simulator allows the user to choose specific portfolio characteristics and observe how different combinations of risk/return can affect the probability of success.  We have built in portfolio characteristics of our portfolio models based on 20 year results, or you may enter your own information.  The simulator includes extensive documentation, answers to frequently asked questions and descriptions of the model portfolios that we use.

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