Fee Only Compensation

Fee Only Compensation

Most brokers, investment advisors, and financial planners are compensated by commissions from the providers of products recommended and sold.  In fact, these "advisors" only provide advice that is incidental to the sale of a product.  Most of these costs are never disclosed to the client.

In contrast, fee-only investment advisors are compensated solely by fees paid by their clients and do not accept commissions or compensation from any other source.  We believe that there is a serious conflict of interest if the advisor stands to gain financially from the purchase of any investment product he or she recommends to the client.  Our company was founded on the principles of transparency, accountability and fiduciary duty - putting the client's best interest first at all times.

"Financial planners who take commissions have a built-in conflict of interest.  Even with disclosure, my choice would be a fee-only planner.  Don't choose one who is fee-based -- he or she sells products.  Look for fee-only." -- Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek

"The most important matter is how the planner is compensated. Hire the planner who has no financial stake in your investments." -- Forbes

"Before you begin the search for someone you can trust, you need to identify the type of help you need and understand the distinction between two basic types of financial professionals – investment advisers and brokers.  Investment advisers help you make investment decisions and manage your portfolio, and have a fiduciary duty, or legal requirement, to act in your best interest, not for their own personal gain." -- Texas State Securities Board Bulletin 2014

"Unlike investment advisers, brokers are under no legal obligation to act as fiduciaries. They are required to recommend only assets that are suitable for you, based on your financial situation, needs, and other securities you hold. Brokers also have no legal responsibility to inform you of conflicts of interest. Other parties – specifically, the companies offering the securities or the firms that brokers work for – may compensate brokers for selling you certain investments." -- Texas State Securities Board Bulletin 2014

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