Chris Holtby: Tax Reform - Who pays more?

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Tax Reform proposal, introduced yesterday, has both some pretty big losers and winners.  In the first place the bill’s name – Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. 

Kinda funny. At 429 pages the bill is surprisingly lean.  Of course, this kicks off the negotiations with both sides of the aisle and special interest groups.

Combining Factor Premiums

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So far, we have discussed the value, size and profitability premiums and have found them to be persistent over time, pervasive across markets, explainable in financial and/or behavioral economic terms and investable. Based on what we've learned about these premiums, it makes sense to build a portfolio that takes advantage of these return premiums, right? But wait, capturing additional return without taking more risk, doesn't this sound a lot like a "free lunch?" Not something that most economists would agree is possible.

Yuan Small Step Or Yuan Giant Leap?

By Brent Everett

About a year ago, there was a minor panic over the Chinese yuan becoming an IMF reserve currency. There were predictions of the demise of the dollar and conjecture about this being the next step in China’s economic warfare against the U.S. As usual, we argued for a more thoughtful reaction and suggested that nervous investors read some well-reasoned publications on the subject instead of reacting to sensationalistic news headlines.

Talis Advisors Selected as a Top Wealth Manager for a 7th Time

We are proud to announce that Talis Advisors, for a seventh time, has been selected by D Magazine as a 2017 Top Wealth Manager. 

"Each time we are chosen, I feel blessed to have our team, our clients, and peers in the industry. This is always such a great opportunity to tell them 'Thank you!' It's nice to be recognized for doing what's in the best interest of your clients. We congratulate everyone who has been chosen this year," said Bob Lamse, president, and partner of Talis Advisors.

Market Report | Q3 Time and Tide Wait for No Man

Asset class valuations continued to rise in Q3, with broad global participation fueled by accommodative monetary policy and favorable sentiment.  Even with elevated equity valuations, markets have continued to shrug off legislative bottlenecks and geopolitical risk. 

Podcast: Talking Cents 'Long-Term-Care Coverage Options'

September 29, 2017

Long-Term-Care Coverage Options
Gina Aldaz continues to work through her aging crisis with Dave Pergande of Ash Brokerage. After talking to Dave last segment, Gina learns that the first step in preparing for a long-term-care event is to create a plan. Now Gina and Dave discuss options for long-term-care coverage.

Podcast: Talking Cents 'The Road to Long-Term Care Planning'

September 21, 2017

The Road to Long-Term Care Planning

A Closer Look at Factor Investing | Profitability Factor

By Brent Everett

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The third factor that we will examine is the profitability factor.  Quite simply, the stocks of more profitable companies have historically outperformed those of less profitable companies, despite having higher starting valuations.  The most notable research into profitability is attributed to Robert Novy-Marx at the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School.  Like value, profitability exposure helps to explain the performance of famous investors and practitioners, including Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham.

Is Long-Term-Care Coverage in Your Tool Box?

By Gina Aldaz

One certainty in life is that we age. It's not something that most of us like to think about. In fact, our busy schedules do a great job distracting us from the inevitable until life forces us to take notice. It might be aches and pains related to an old injury or seeing ourselves in the eyes of an aging parent. The reality is that we are growing older. And the likelihood that we'll need some form of assistance as we age increases, and therefore, so will the need for long-term-care (LTC) insurance. 

A Closer Look at Factor Investing | Size Factor

By Brent Everett

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The second factor that we will examine is the size factor. Small cap stocks have historically outperformed large-cap stocks. We previously discussed the criteria for determining whether a factor is viable – namely, it must demonstrate persistence and pervasiveness, be intuitive or explainable in terms of financial/behavioral economics, and be investable. Size is a well-known factor that, like value, is included in the Fama-French three-factor model.

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