Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Financial Markets ... Part Two

By Brent Everett

Over the past few days, we have witnessed increased levels of market volatility and a historically overdue market correction. So in short, this event isn't all that surprising. Nonetheless, you'll see dramatic headlines running across your screens and so-called financial pundits trying to make sense of it. Along these lines, this is yet another reason why we discourage anyone from using the media as a source for investment guidance. But this week of volatility also is an opportunity to revisit why attempting to predict market performance is often an exercise in futility.

SmartIRA™ at a Glance

By Stephen Hart

For most of us who have an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), we rely on the IRA custodial beneficiary forms to determine who will receive the remainder of our accounts after we pass. However, the beneficiary forms cannot always truly capture the unique estate needs many individuals face. In situations such as blended families, beneficiaries with special needs or beneficiaries who have trouble managing money, an IRA overseen by a trustee can provide the assurance that your IRA will be managed in a way that honors your legacy.

The F Word

By Brent Everett

You may have heard in the news about the Department of Labor's fiduciary rule and the uncertainty of its survival.  And, while I’m a huge proponent of the fiduciary standard — in fact, our firm was built on this — my more libertarian beliefs make it hard to agree with the idea of a regulatory mandate.  Consumers should have a choice in this matter, and they already do.  The point that I have tried to make in comments submitted to the DOL and in articles, social media posts and correspondence with consumer advocate groups is that independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) are already held to a fiduciary standard.  

Podcast | Budgeting Basics

Gina Aldaz decides if her days of impulse buying are over as she discusses budgeting with Stephen Hart, Talis Advisors Director of Financial Planning.

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Investor Exuberance - Rational or Irrational?

Led by emerging markets stocks, valuations of all asset classes continued to rise through the fourth quarter.  Price volatility remained very low, despite significant geopolitical risk and a flattening yield curve.  The cyclically adjusted price to earnings ratio for the S&P 500 stands at 33, the second-highest point in history.  Is this irrational exuberance or can the stock market, fueled by recent tax cuts, continue it’s inexorable march upward?  Richard Thaler, Nobel Prize winner, University of Chicago economist and expert in behavioral finance states “We seem to be living in the riskiest moment of our lives and yet the stock market seems to be napping.” 

Embracing Life in Retirement

Life is funny. It seems like we are in constant motion as we raise our families to adulthood while taking care of the home, managing a career — often times doing both.

Highlights of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Now that the new tax bill has been put into law, it leaves a number of people wondering how this affects them. Below is a link to an article provided by the accounting firm, Judd Thomas, that highlights the changes.

Highlights of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:​

This information was compiled by the accounting firm Judd Thomas and is intended to be educational only.  It is not individualized tax advice.  Always check with your tax professional before making any tax-related decision.


'The Free Dividends Fallacy'

By Brent Everett

Now we have a name for it – “the free dividends fallacy”. 

Talis Partner Brent Everett Discusses the Challenges in Finding a Cybersecurity Auditor

As the Securities and Exchange Commission continues to emphasize cybersecurity measures, advisors are having to feel their way when preparing for an audit. Brent Everett, Talis Advisors founder and partner, discusses internal cybersecurity audits and the current challenges in navigating this relatively new space in the article, "Why choosing a cybersecurity auditor may be tougher than you think."

Talis Partner Brent Everett Weighs in on "Is Bitcoin Bashing Credible?"

Talis Advisors Founder and President, Brent Everett, discusses the current trend of investing in cryptocurrencies in the November 13 edition of Financial Planning

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